Who are the Homeless

Different definitions of homelessness are used in different contexts.

Generally, homelessness is defined as a person who "lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate night-time residence." … More
  • Aging Out: From Foster Care to Homelessness
    Team 2025 is helping to deal with the struggles of foster care youth who become homeless after turning 18, or "aging out" of the state's care, without sufficient preparation or support for adulthood. Just in California's foster care system alone which serves 65,000 children and youth, far more than any other single state. Of the 4,000 who age out of the system each year, research suggests, 20 percent or more become homeless. Adolescent development studies show that childhood does not end abruptly at a certain age. In most US families, young people continue to receive support – emotional and financial – as they make the transition to adulthood, and Team 2025 believes that the youth in foster care deserve no less. "
  • Join the Movement to Fight Homelessness

    • Everyday Spending Becomes Everyday Funding with the Team 2025 Pre Paid Discover Card
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    • Move In Kits: Team 2025's Furniture Program for Homeless Veterans
      Over 62,000 Homeless Veterans Across The USA! 22 Veterans Committing Suicide Everyday! In 2010 the Department of Veterans Affairs announced a 5 year plan to “End Veteran Homelessness Forever”. Our current mission is to produce the Veterans Benefits Concert Series. The proceeds from the Veterans Benefits Concert Series will be used to purchase (*Move In Kits) furniture & household supplies. We work with the Department of Veteran Affairs, our sponsors and local non-profits to deliver those items directly to the homes of previously homeless Veterans that have been recently placed in permanent housing. We can all do something to end Veteran Homelessness FOREVER!

    NFL Hall of Famer Tim Brown

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    Ending Homelessness Forever!

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